Bulletproof vests: Understanding how to size them

You can only remain protected with a Level IV bulletproof vest if it fits well enough. To ensure that you are comfortable in the field, you must take care to choose the right size bulletproof vest. Most manufacturers today are creating bulletproof vests that wrap around the body. Wearers of these bulletproof vests usually have protection on their front, back,

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Tactical gear

What are Tactical Knives made of?

Knives like these aren't your typical knives. Armed law enforcement agents and military officers carry tactical knives that can cut through flesh or other materials if necessary. It is the metal blade that is used to make the tactical knife that is one of its most important parts. Due to the variety of tasks tactical knives will be used for,

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Why are many civilians purchasing ballistic shields?

The prevalence of violence has increased in our society in recent years. Daily, there is always some kind of violent act taking place. It's for this reason you may need ballistic protection against hostile trespassers, bloody burglaries, armed robberies at the store, and other forms of home invasion. The risk of being alone when you're out is high. The US

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Tactical gear

Police gear you never knew of

There are many weapons or equipment of the police and law enforcement agencies that form the police gear. Their usage is subject to the user, its purpose of use and the location of its use. Some of this uncommon equipment that form the police gear will be discussed briefly. Key holder/ universal handcuff key Noise can be a major issue

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Tactical gear

Most common firearm for US police

Asides from batons and handcuffs, it is also necessary for a cop to have a firearm on his/her person. Most of the time, a handgun is the only firearm that accompanies the police gear. Firearms are often classified by use and performance. The standard tool for firearms identification is the Firearms Reference Table (FRT). This is a database available on and offline.

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You probably feel you have no business with the next-gen Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) systems because apparently, you aren’t a soldier, and you do not think you are at risk of being shot. However, security can never be overrated, especially when protests are springing up in different parts of the world. Therefore, having equipment that can ascertain your safety is

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