Whatever you are, a hiker going up the Mount Kilimanjaro, a police man responding to a highway robbery, or a DIY connoisseur planning to take on some home improvement projects, tactical pants will always come in handy.

Yes, tactical pants are not only used by law enforcement agency personnel. In fact, the use of tactical pants was popularized by mountain climbers. But they have now become a favorite amidst police, FBI, EMTs, SWAT Team agents and many others. Light weighted and highly durable, the tactical pant is no doubt a must-have keeping all of your kit and weapons close to your person.

 So, why exactly are tactical pants the way they are? What features make them different from other clothing items like cargo pants? Let’s check it out.


Often times, tactical pants are often confused as cargo pants. Nope! It’s different. Tactical pants are made with lightweight materials that consist of around 60% to 65% of polyester 35% to 40% poly cotton ripstop. The belt loops are specifically created with materials that make it thick enough to support a large belt for carrying the weight of a sidearm, handcuffs as well as other equipment.

Fit and Proper

With tactical pants, you’re safe from the horrors of a tight jean. It’s all about the fitness. Although it comes in different styles and sizes, as varied from brand to brand, tactical clothing provides you with comfort and support. They are roomy, yet fit and right enough to stay up on your waist comfortably.


These are like the two features that make the tactical pants a keeper. Pockets are very essential for carrying stuffs. Whether it’s a sidearm, a pocket knife, or a spare magazine, tactical pants come in handy for keep stuffs in the good locations where you can easily reach them.


The real feature that makes tactical pants really tacti-cool is the durability. The ability of the material to withstand harsh environment conditions as well as being water resistant is the real eye-catch.

Why not try out one today? They are also available in different styles and colors. So, chances are that you’d find one that catches your fancy and serves the needed purpose!

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