Decades ago, the best protective measures were steel-based armors. But these are quite heavy and could affect the agility as well as mobility of soldiers on the battlefield. Several years down the lane and we have innovative, lightweight body armor. Bulletproof vests and other ballistic-rated fabrics are capable of stopping the penetration of bullets.

However, there is a downside to this. Since the technology of ultra-high-density fabrics and bullet proof vests are available to everyone, it would be harder to also penetrate oppositions who are also protecting themselves from bullets. Here are 5 ways to penetrate a bulletproof vest:

  • Big Bullets

That’s right, the bigger the bullet, the more the energy and impact transferred on the target. With this, the body armor will at some point fail to protect the target due to the overly powerful rounds.


Most of the current body armors are designed to resist large-caliber pistol rounds and shrapnel. However, they are unable to stop rifle rounds. This is because an armor that would stop a rifle round would be too heavy.

  • Armor-piercing Bullets

What better way to penetrate bulletproof vests that using a specially made armor piercing bullet? One good example of these kind of ammunition is the XM1158 7.62mm Advanced Armor Piercing (ADVAP) round. It has a pointy tip that can weave through the fabric of the bullet proof vest, as well as steel armor. It uses a weighted tungsten core penetrator and is shot at a remarkable velocity.

  • Flechettes

This is a dart-like pointed steel projectile used as a ballistic weapon. These metallic darts are shot with a firearm called the Needle gun, or flechette gun at a very high speed. The flechettes can punch through a bulletproof vest or armor and cause serious damage on enemies.

  • Explosives

One major disadvantage of bulletproof vests is that they do not cover most part of the body, like the face, arms, and below the waist. Explosive devices, recoilless rifles, concussive forces and rocket launchers could cause serious damage on troops even with the bulletproof vests. They can cause internal injuries and affect unprotected body parts.

  • Lasers

Intense pulse of laser beams concentrated on a defined area can also burn through any kind of body armor.

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