How can you protect yourself from a potential criminal without becoming one yourself? Wielding a gun can quickly turn you from victim to a court case. So, that’s out of the way. If only there was a non-lethal weapon that can be used to destabilize criminals, giving you just enough time to escape. Oh, there is! And it’s called a Flashlight Stun Gun.

The flashlight stun gun is a tactical tool that combines the powerful features of a high-performing LED flashlight and a stun gun. That is two protective tools into one highly versatile non-lethal package.

The market-leading products have impressive uC charges and powerful LED strobe light feature. With the light, you can disorient persons with malicious intent from a distance. If that doesn’t work, you can go the stun-way. Both features come in handy and boost your chances of escape from a potential crime scene.

What makes a flashlight stun gun a better option?

  1. It is not lethal

A flashlight stun gun is your best friend when you’re walking home through a dark alley and a heavy footstep picks up pace behind you. You can inflict great damage without killing anyone.

  • Rapid response

There is no need to load ammunition, then cock and aim. With the flashlight stun gun, a split-second contact is enough to cause intolerable pain and muscle contraction. Three seconds is enough to render a criminal immobile.

  • Perfect disguise

You get to fool attackers with the thought of you being a defenseless loner walking with a flashlight. But you know better!

  • Cost effective

Flashlight stun guns primarily cost as much as they were bought. There is no need for ammunition or extra batteries as most models are rechargeable.

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