Side armor is a good way to add extra protection to your flank. Often, it is quite easy to overlook your side when focusing on a target or trying to evade being a target. Having some extra padding or ballistic layers on your body armor can go a long way in providing you with the extra protection you require.


A side armor isn’t a different kind of body armor. It often comes as an attachment to your body armor. For instance, side armor panels can be added to your body armor to increase the protection it offers.

Here are simple guides to installing a side armor panel into your body armor.

  1. Start by pulling off the side straps from your vest. This is quite easy to do but we still have to state it.
  2. Open up the side strap pockets. In most body armor brands, these are often located on the same side as the Velcro but lower.
  3. Tuck the side armor panel into the pockets. You can do this by bending the panels into half, and then slot it in. Ensure that the label of the panel will face your body side once you put your armor back on. Once the panels are inserted into the pocket, it’s time to attach them.
  4. It’s time to put the strap back on! When doing this, carefully attach the side without the elastic to the front side of the body armor. Once you’re done with this, turn the vest over then secure the side straps to the back of the body armor.
  5. Cross check your side strap and try to adjust the fold backwards. Do this till you are comfortable with the arrangement of your side armor.

Once everything is set and secure, you’re ready to go!

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