You need the right tactical belt to be able to carry your firearm properly and firmly. Whether you’re carrying it in a concealed fashion or not, a good belt can go a long way in boosting your response speed at the sight of danger.

When carrying a firearm, your belt should hold your gun in the exact place where you want it to be. It should also provide you with the perfect tension rate for your gun holster. There are different kinds of tactical belts and they are designed in different ways. So, you must consider your uniform/fashion sense, gun carrying preference and purpose for carrying before choosing a tactical belt.

There are several things to look for in a tactical belt.

  • Fit Size

Check the width of the belt before making the purchase. Generally, we would recommend that you go for a wider belt. This is because they are less likely to twist or sag when your heavy gears begin to get attached to it. However, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for one that also fits into the belt loops of your pants.

  • Material

Tactical belts are created from different materials. Ultimately, there is ‘best’ material as different material come with its own pros and cons. However, some of the most used materials by manufacturers include nylon, web/cloth, and leather. High quality tactical belts are often made of fade- and fray-resistant materials. They are more durable and tend to last longer.

  • Rigidity

A good belt is sturdy and rigid enough to carry tactical gears without breaking. Tactical belts with great buckle strength are very important for military officers with a number of tactical gears.

  • Adjustment

Before buying a belt, ensure that it has a hole poked at the right size for your waist. Drilling a hole for yourself can be a way out, but getting hole-less tactical belts is a cleaner solution. They come with custom fit adjustments that allow you to comfortably work the belt into any size of your choice.

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