Regardless of who you are or what you do, if you carry a weapon, it is best that you carry it safely. If you love hunting or you are serving the country as a military officer, you need a wide number of accessories and tactical gears to keep you armed to the teeth.However, if you would be carrying weapons and pistols, them it is on you to ensure that they are properly carried. One of the ways to ensure this is to make use of a MOLLE holster.


On the combat ground, every single bullet fired determines whether or not one of the soldiers dies or stay alive. So, soldiers must ensure that they are properly armed and protected against ballistic threats and gun rounds. Plate carriers are the best body armor system that offers both protection and efficient ammunition carrying system.

Using the MOLLE holster, you can secure your pistols and carry it around safely when you are not using it. There are a wide variety of models of these holsters. So, you should pay close attention to the one that best suits your weapon. You can attach the holster to your plate carrier in case your need to use it at any time.

Often times, holsters are placed in front of the plate carriers to ensure that the wearer gets easy access to the weapon. This would come in handy, especially in emergency situations where there is a need for rapid response and quick draw-shoot time. In a split second, the wearer can easily draw the firearm and take care of the situation as appropriate.

MOLLE holsters can also be placed at the side of the plate carrier. If you are used to this style of holster placement, then it is your best choice! It all boils down to your style and preference.

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