Every combatant out there fighting to protect lives and properties deserve nothing short of the best armory. For what it’s worth, a standard ballistic helmet is not optional. However, choosing the right ballistic helmet can be a daunting task.

Trust me, I know.

Sure, variety is truly the spice of life. But not when it comes to gears that determine whether or not your brain remains inside your skull. So, when it comes to ballistic helmets, these varieties tend to make the choice difficult to make.

Today, we would be considering the ACH and the ECH helmets.

Advanced Combat Helmet

The ACH is fully known as the Advanced Combat Helmet. It is a developed version of the Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH). A lot of countries have the ACH ballistic helmets as a prominent part of their arsenal. But then, there came an advanced version of the ACH also.

Enhanced Combat Helmet

It is an advanced version of the Advanced Combat Helmet. These ballistic helmets are made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. The ECH is built to be of lighter weight and to deliver enhanced security from fragmentation and rifle rounds.

How Do They Differ in Features?

  • The shape of the Enhanced Combat Helmet is almost the same as the Advanced Combat Helmet but the former is of a thicker texture.
  • Another difference is in the chinstrap used for both.
  • Due to the material used in the production of these two kinds, the ECH provides enhanced protection just as the name implies.
  • The ECH unlike the former version allows the addition of equipment to aid communication and night-vision.
  • The lightweight of the ECH version makes it mobile and easy to use, compared to the ACH version of the ballistic helmets.

Let us now connect the dots. From one generation to another, these ballistic helmets types simply developed on the features of the previous generation. The ACH developed on the features of the MICH, and, the ECH developed on the features of the ACH ballistic helmets. And with the disparities portrayed above, the Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) is always a better choice.

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