You probably feel you have no business with the next-gen Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) systems because apparently, you aren’t a soldier, and you do not think you are at risk of being shot. However, security can never be overrated, especially when protests are springing up in different parts of the world. Therefore, having equipment that can ascertain your safety is a step in the right direction, and this is what the next-gen Personal Protective Equipment guarantees.


Security officials themselves always put their lives in line to ensure that peace is maintained wherever they are. However, humans are still likely to get into conflict, and the restoration of peace could include force or even teargas to disperse people. In such an instance, it doesn’t hurt to use your Integrated Head Protection System (IHPS) ballistic helmet to escape whether a stray bullet or side effects of teargas.

The IHPS is one of the next-gen PPE that completely protects all parts of your face and head. It even has the added advantage of accommodating your headphones. You should also know that this ballistic helmet provides you with an avenue to attach a light to it when you pass a place with little or no light.

Another piece from the next-gen PPE systems is the Transition Combat Eye Protection (TCEP). This makes adaptability to changing lights easier for you. Others that come with the PPE are a new modular scalable vest (MSV) that is lighter and can protect your shoulder, neck, and pelvic region. Lastly, there is a combat shirt that is flame resistant. Fire outbreak is not what anyone wishes to witness, but it doesn’t hurt to have this shirt as a form of protection.

In conclusion, a combination of what the ballistic helmet, the combat shirt, and MSV protect you from best confirm why we all need to have the next-gen Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) systems because safety is guaranteed, and we should never think twice when it comes to our security.

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