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Picking the right body armor for you is more than just making a choice. It is making the choice for an armor that would stand in the way of your chest and a speeding bullet. Luckily, picking the right armor need not be a confusing decision. With the right factors in mind, you can make the right decision in no time.

Here are some of the things you need to look out for before choosing a bulletproof vest.

  • Understand your threat level

We all face different threat levels in different mission that we embark on. Before selecting a particular armor, you must first understand the level of threat that you would be exposed to. Critically consider the mission you would be wearing it for and the kind of ballistic threat that you would be exposed to. If you would be likely to face a rifle threat, do not go out with a bulletproof vest that is meant to stop only pistols and handguns.

  • Check out the NIJ ballistic ratings

To make things a whole lot easier, the National Institute of Justice has provided different levels of ballistic protection performance for different kind of bulletproof vests. Once you verify the level of threat that you would be facing, you must then choose a vest with a commensurate NIJ rating.

The NIJ ratings range from Level I, IIA, II and IIIA for handguns to hard armor Level III, III++ and Level IV to defeat rifle and armor-piercing rounds.

  • Get a fitting armor

The last thing you want is an over-sized body armor in the face of real time danger. A good armor is meant to cover your front, your back, as well as the sides of torso. You can get help from professionals to help you to find the perfectly fitted armor for you. A small armor is as bad as an overly sized one. Go for a perfectly fitting armor.

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