Asides from batons and handcuffs, it is also necessary for a cop to have a firearm on his/her person. Most of the time, a handgun is the only firearm that accompanies the police gear.

Firearms are often classified by use and performance. The standard tool for firearms identification is the Firearms Reference Table (FRT). This is a database available on and offline. However, the usage of the FRT Web is limited to individuals who have been authorized. Authorized users include members of the police force, approved firearm verifiers and specific public agents. A few of these firearms are:

  1. Pistol: This a handgun with a chamber integrated into a barrel designed for semi-automatic action. Cartridges are generally loaded into a box magazine that is then is inserted into the grip. The action of the firearm feeds the next cartridge. The pistol is best suitable for single shots.
  1. Rifle:  This is a shouldered firearm and long gun, with a series of spiral grooves and long rifled barrel imparting spin to the projectile, improving range and accuracy. Some rifles have a detachable magazine like the pistol, while others have integral magazines. Some gunmen can also mistake a cabin for a rifle because of its similar features. The rifle is also only suitable for a single shot
  1.  Revolver: This is a hand-held firearm with a revolving chamber/cylinder of five to nine chambers, manually loaded with cartridges enabling several shots to be fired before reloading. Expended cartridge cases remain in the cylinder until manually unloaded. Unlike the pistol and rifle, the revolver is suitable for several shots.

With global technological advancement, various firearms keep evolving but mentioned above are just a few of the many firearms that can be used by the police and can make up police gear.

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