There are many weapons or equipment of the police and law enforcement agencies that form the police gear. Their usage is subject to the user, its purpose of use and the location of its use. Some of this uncommon equipment that form the police gear will be discussed briefly.

Key holder/ universal handcuff key

Noise can be a major issue for an officer who may have to silently stalk a suspect. A ‘silent’ key keeper uses a Velcro pad to reduce noise. Other types of key holders are holders that can serve as multi tools and can work in the same way as a tape-measure, automatically retracting keys after use. A hidden key holder is mostly used for the storage of spare sets of handcuff keys.

Disposable gloves

Disposable gloves are especially important when handling subjects that may have infectious diseases especially when rendering First-aid or making an arrest. The glove is also used to protect evidence at a crime scene. There are numerous pouches designed specifically to hold disposable gloves.


Depending on the situation, a cop may need to keep watch over a place or person without being noticed. Using a patrol car to serve this kind of purpose will easily give a cop away and defeat his surveillance. Most criminals will not go about business as usual if they know the police are around.

Using binoculars to watch suspects is a good way to remain at a distance without losing track of what’s going on. They’re also good to read or make out a license number from afar.  They should be kept in a patrol bag in a case.

First aid kit

Police officers are most likely to be the first to arrive at an incident scene, officers can wear a first aid pouch containing basic life-saving equipment, like medical gloves, CPR mask and antiseptic wipes. These are useful while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

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