You can only remain protected with a Level IV bulletproof vest if it fits well enough. To ensure that you are comfortable in the field, you must take care to choose the right size bulletproof vest. Most manufacturers today are creating bulletproof vests that wrap around the body. Wearers of these bulletproof vests usually have protection on their front, back, and sides. It should be tight yet comfortable to wear a bulletproof vest. You may be vulnerable in areas that should be protected if you choose the wrong size body armor.

The smallest or incorrectly sized bulletproof vest can leave vital organs exposed, whether it is an overt or covert vest. The vest may be extremely uncomfortable and ride up when in action if it is too long for your torso length. It is extremely important to get the right size of your bulletproof vest to ensure your safety. There are many types, sizes, shapes, and cuts available when it comes to bulletproof vests that are ballistic level IIIA and above. There is a difference in manufacturers, so they are made differently.

Accordingly, a bulletproof vest must fit around the navel as a rule of thumb. Vests can be adjusted by using the shoulder straps, so the length is not important. It is important to measure your midsection’s diameter, however. Those with a large belly should order at the upper end of their size range so that the vest can be fastened around their midsections. You should order at the bottom of your size range if you are a competitive cyclist with large legs and a slim waist. At the end of the day, the whole point is for you to get something that would suit you perfectly without hindering your efficiency in any way.

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